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Here's the fun part! We have a large selection of our pieces available for rent listed below. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about availability or with any questions, or make a list of your fave pieces with our "must have list" feature right here on the website! 

The Process 

Here's how our online list feature works. The pieces you select after shopping will be sent to us so we can reach out to you to coordinate the details! 

  • Browse through our pieces below.

  • Add items as you go to your cart (don't worry - you won't be charged!) You can keep track of what you've selected using the cart button in the upper right hand corner of the website. 

  • Click "checkout" once you're finished.

  • Fill out the contact form with your information, then click purchase. Be sure to include your event date so we can check that the item is available for your event. You should also receive a copy of this form via email! 

  • We will reach out to you to confirm your selections and send over to you a complete proposal. 

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